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In my research of the PINES family >from Ruzhany, I have found a
sholshelet yochasim" which details illustrious ancestors who were
rabbis and wrote. I would like to be able to locate or at least to
date these various sforim, to further the genealogical research:
1. Eliahu PINES, "Tana Dabei Eliahu"
2. Yitzhak Cahane Shapira, "Beer Mayim Chayim"
[commentary on Rashi]
3. Eliahu PINES, "Chachmah Ve-Sichlut"
4. Noach Lifshitz, "Niflaot Chadashot,
Parparaot Le-Chachmah"
5. Shlomo Kriger, "Bircat Ha-Shevach"

I would appreciate any information
A quick look at my bibliographical dictionaries shows only possibly
one of the above; namely Be'er Mayim Chayim by *Yaakov* son of
Yitzchok Hacohen Shapiro. This was published in Kracow in 1516.
The author appears in many ancestral charts.

It needs be noted that family histories and Yuchasin charts
frequently mention Seforim, which were indeed written, but not

Leslie Reich, Manchester

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