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On 2002-02-12, Neil Rosenstein <neil@...> wrote:

[...] If Philip implies that what he has about Chaim Zalman is
new then I agree. However he does not give us any source for the
information, unless it is recorded in the books written by Zeev
Wolf [...] Rabinowitz who wrote two books Shaarei Torat Eretz
Yisrael on the Jerusalem Talmud and Shaarei Torat Bavel on the
Babylonian Talmud.
Hi Neil and all.

This information does come >from the book Shaarei Torat Eretz Israel,
p. 590. The author further mentions his father, grandfather, great
grandfather and even great-great grandfather in his commentaries.
This book is pretty rare, although it can be found at the Hebrew
University in Jerusalem. I'd be glad to scan this page on the
computer, and send it personally to anyone who wants it. Further
information comes >from personal research, including research done
by a researcher in the Grodno archives.

I'd be glad to answer any further inquiries.

Philip Rosinsky

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