R' Josef LOEWENSTEIN of Sieradz -- Manuscripts #rabbinic

Jim Bennett <bennett@...>

In his book "LeToldot HaKehilot B'Polin", [1974, Jerusalem] Rabbi
Zvi Horowitz writes, [p. 490] that R. Aharon M'Gridetz, Rav of
Zuelz, Schlesien, "left behind a collection of manuscripts of
responsa named 'Mishnat D'R' Eliezer', which I saw in my youth,
where they were with a man in Poland, then Russia, and he had found
them in the Beit Hamidrash in the town of Zuelz"

In 1895, Buber, in "Anshei Shem" p. 248, wrote that this
manuscript, Mishnat R' Eliezer, was owned by the rabbi of Sieradz,

Has anyone ever heard of Rabbi Loewenstein, or what became of his
manuscript collection? I am a descendant of Rabbi Eliezer Lippmann
Halevy, of Rawitsch, Lissa, and Zuelz [~1740 - 1810] who wrote the

Jim Bennett, Haifa

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