Vilna Gaon and Chatam Sofer #rabbinic

Chaim freedman

Moshe Dovid Friedman asked whether there was a relationship
between The Vilna Gaon and the Chatam Sofer. There was no direct
relationship, unless you consider the marriage between the Gra's
ggg-grandaughter Sarah Lieba Danzig and Yehoshua Gradstein of
Lublin, a grandson of Rabbi Akiva Eiger, who was father-in-law
to the Chatam Sofer.

Chaim Freedman
Petah Tikvah, Israel

[Moderator's Note: The poster is the author of "Eliyahu's Branches:
The Descendants of the Vilna Gaon and His Family," Avotaynu,
Bergenfield, NJ, 1997.]

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