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Alex P. Korn <apkorn@...>

On 2002-03-01, Ann Wine <> wrote:

"He was a descendant of the writer of the 'Noam Elimelech'. And
he was counted among the h.asidim of the offspring of "The Holy
Jew" of Parshish.a "
This quote was taken out of the obituary of my great unlce - I
know who Rabbi Elimelech was - but who was the other person?
Hello All:

The "other person" was probably Rabbi Yaakov Yitzhak Rabinowicz,
who had a Bet Medrash in Przysucha, and is considered as one of
the founders of the Polish version of Chassidut. He was known as
HaYehudi HaKadosh. His disciple was R. Simcha Bunem and the rest
is history.

Alex P. Korn
Toronto, Canada

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