ROSANES #rabbinic


Dear List,

Salve/Sarah ROSANES (m. SHUFRO) was my grandfather's grandmother. She
was born about 1840, and married Shneyer/Sidney SHUFRO of Viliyampol
(Slobodka/Kovno) before immigrating to Boston with sons and daughter
in the 1870s -- to begin the existence of coast-to-coast SHUFROs. She
brought with her a history of about 300 years of rabbinical ancestors.

Question: In histories of the Sephardic ROSANES rabbinical family
which originated in Castellvi Di Rosanes and moved thru Isle of
Rhodes, Bulgaria and Turkey, there is mention of a branch that went to
Poland/Lithuania. I am seeking names of other ROSANES people from
that area, or names of towns where people with this surname lived in
that area... in other words, I would like to try to link this ancestor
with another person or place in Poland/Lithuania. Thank you very


Ellie May Shufro
Veazie, Maine

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