Re: NAEH/ASHCANASI of Yerushalayim #rabbinic

On 2002.07.09, G. Kozlovsky <> wrote:

Rabbi Avraham C. NAEH [...] the Rav of the Bucharian Jews and an
author [...] I would like to know any stories or information
having to do with him other than the ones in the book "The
Heavenly City." [...] I would also like to know why and when he
used the last name ASHCANASIE (probably not the correct spelling.)
To begin with the name ASHCANASI is probably the more familiar and
well recognized name ASHKENAZI.

As for the name NAEH, there are numerous listings in the Hebrew book
"Sefer Ha'Tza'A'Tzaim" by Halperin "Book of the Descendants of R'
Shneur Zalman Of Liady"

While I do not see the name "Rabbi Avraham C. NAEH" in the index, it
does not mean that it is not in the book.

Some of the names I did see are Ahuva, Aharon, Eliezer, Elchanan,
Devorah, Hadassa, Chana, Yosef Yitzchok, Michal, Moshe, Shalom,
Shlomo, Tzipora, Rivka, Esther; all with the family name NAEH.

Arye Gordon
Los Angeles

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