R' Meir EISENSTADT (1670-1744) Haskama #rabbinic

Bernard Kouchel <koosh@...>

This is information as transmitted by my cousin in Israel. I repost
it here to share with other EISENSTADT researchers.

Bernard Kouchel

Here are the names I found in R' Meir EISENSTADT's book:

1. Title page (acknowledgement):
a. R' Laib, son of R' Anshel (or Anshil) Margaliot Yaffe
(or Yoffe).
b. R' Shim'on, son of R' Aharon >from Sulzbach.
c. Printer - Zalman, son of R' Aharon in Sulzbach.

2. Forward ("Hakdama")
The author mentions "...my uncle the ShaKh..." [R' Shabtai
b. Meir haKohen]

3. Last page, (probably the printer's or assistant's names)
a. Chaim, son of Efraim Gompricht of Desa? "at the present
in Sulzbach".
b. Yosef, son of Abraham Shtechir? of Ferara "at the present
in Sulzbach".

As you can see, the only family member is the ShaKh. There are other
names mentioned but all of them are people whose responsa's are
mentioned in the book, and not family. [DE 5Sep97]

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