Rav Chaim of Olkusz #rabbinic

Gilbert Hendlisz <gilbert.hendlisz@...>

Dear Rav Siggers,

I found many interesting elements about my ancestors in Krakow
during the 17th century, in a book called "Divrie Chefetz" by
Wettstein. There is mention of a Rav Yehuda Leib of Olkusz (also
called Rav Leib HENDLES) and his two sons. The older one, Rabbi
Gavriel, became very notorious under the name of Rav Gavriel
ESHKELES, so did Rav Gavriel's son, Rav Issachar Berish ESHKELES.

The author mentions also the second son of Rav Yehuda Leib, Rabbi
Chaim as a "gaon " and a "maggid". I forgot to mention that his
father, R' Yehuda Leib HENDLES was the son of Rav Chaim of Konin,
who was the son of R'Sinai, who was the older brother of the MaHaRal
of Prag.

Does anyone know anything about this R'Chaim and his descendants?

Thanks for your help.

Gilbert Hendlisz
Brussels, Belgium

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