WIL(L)HEIM Related Rabbis #rabbinic

Michael Miller <mmillerMRPJD@...>

I thank many of you for your helpful responses to my last inquiry
regarding HONIG and WILHEIM rabbis in 19th century North Hungary.

One response suggested that a son-in-law (Shraga ROSENBERG) of R'
Ahron WILHEIM immigrated to the United States >from Bazin/Pezinok.
He was a rabbi in Cleveland Ohio and died in 1959. I have found no
references to R. ROSENBERG online. Does anyone have any information
about him or his family. Alternatively, where might I look (other
than Ellis Island, Cleveland newspapers, or the LDS Family History

R' ROSENBERG's father was reportedly R' Shlomo Katz. Can anyone
suggest why they had different surnames? Where was R' Shlomo Katz

Private responses are welcome.

Michael MILLER
Napa, California

Seeking WIL(L)HEIM (Udvard/Dvory nZ, Gyongyos, Bazin/Pezinok,
Marosvasarhely/Tirgu-Mures, Budapest, New York City, New Jersey);
HONIG (Holesov, Verbocz/Vrbovce, Miava/Myjava, Nyitra/Nitra)

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