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On 2002.08.19, Irwin Gordon <Yashad@...> wrote in part:

I was told by my father's uncles and aunts that the BARISHANSKYS
were related in some way to HaRav Avrohom-Yitzchok HaKohen KOOK
(1864- 1935), Eretz Yisroel's first Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi.
Recently, I wrote and sent off two letters regarding this
matter-one to his great-grandson, Rabbi Nachum HaKohen KOOK of
Ramat-Gan [...]
Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Hacohen KOOK was grandson of the sister
of Rabbi Gimpel YAFFE >from Ruzhany. Rabbi Gimpel YAFFE came to
Palestine when he was old, and lived in the Moshava of Yahud. Of
course, the YAFFE family is the family of the Levush.

Rabbi Nachum KOOK >from Ramat Gan is *not* a grandson of Rabbi A.Y.
KOOK, but a grandson of his brother's, Rabbi Dov Hacohen KOOK. I
don't know about living grandsons of Rabbi A.Y. KOOK, since the
murder of Rabbi Shlomo Raanan HY"D, in Hebron, about 3 years ago.

I am related to the KOOK family through Rabbi Nachum KOOK's mother
(Rachel KOOK nee MANDELBAUM), wife of Rabbi Rafael HaCohen, Rabbi
of Tiberias.

Shalom Fuchs
Jerusalem 91364

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