Zfat's Ancient Cemetery [was: FRUCHTER] #rabbinic


On 2002.08.29, Samuel Shoshan <sshoshan@yahoo.com> wrote:

[...] The sefer says that Rav Eliyahu FRUCHTER died in Zfat on Rosh
Chodesh Kislev, 1864 and was laid to rest in the cave [...]
I recently found a site that contains a database of everybody(?) that
is buried in the ancient cemetary in Zfat. the URL is

Follow the 'Ancient Cemetery' link to a searchable database.

Kol tuv
Simcha Goldstein

[Moderator's Note: The website permits users to search the database
for individuals whose names are known (although you may search for
names containing a given character substring). Only exact matches
are returned. Users may need to try several spelling variants to
find a person.]

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