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On 2002.08.29, Shmuel Shoshan <> wrote,

Any readers who can contribute additional information on the
Fruchter antecedents: please write to me at
I am in possession of pictures of, and a personal letter written
from a Rabbi Nandor FRUCHTER to my grandparents in April 1942.
Rabbi FRUCHTER had been the functioning Rabbi at a synagogue in
Zanesville Ohio where my father was bar-mitzvahed on Shabbos Hagadol
in 1942, which also happened to be the Shabbos that this Rabbi
FRUCHTER gave his farewell drasha before moving to Indianapolis.

Apparently my grandparents, who were >from small villages in the area
of Marmarosh (near Vilvchovitz) hit it off quite well with this
Rabbi Nandor FRUCHTER.

Do you see any possible relation between this Rabbi FRUCHTER and
your FRUCHTER relatives?

Moshe A. Davis

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