Hebrew book: Tiktin community records #rabbinic

Tomer Brunner <tomerbr@...>

Dear Rav-Siggers,

I would like to let you know about a relatively new book, which
I find very interesting.

The Hebrew book is titled "Pinkas Kehal Tiktin" / Israeli national
academy for science/ Mordechai Nadav.
Vol. 1 published 1997; Vol. 2 published 2000.
It contains records >from the community of Tykocin, Poland (Tiktin in
Yiddish) >from the period 1621-1806.

I've found the names of some known rabbis also >from other
communities at that time or even their family members mentioned. It
has also a great index with names of persons and places and even of
terms used in the records. It has also a dictionary of the terms.
The book is available in Israeli universities.

Tomer Brunner, Israel

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