Ignaz DEUTSCH (1808-1886) - Vienna #rabbinic

Tomer Brunner <tomerbr@...>

Dear friends,

I'm looking for descendants of my relative, who was famous at the
time in Austro-Hungary.

He was Ignaz DEUTSCH (b. 1808 in Pressburg/Bratislava, died 1886 in
Baden b. Wien And was buried in Pressburg). He studied in the
Pressburg Yeshiva under The Chatam Sofer and a was related to the
DEUTSCH and DUSCHINSKY rabbinical families.

He was a hof-wechsler ( something like royal money supplier/
changer) and was also in charge of the moneys collected for the Jews
of Jerusalem. He had 13 children. I know that some of his children
and grandchildren Lived in Germany, Austria, USA and Buenos Ayres.
(I have the names of all Children and some grandchildren)

In one of the sources about him, the author mentions a grandson,
Ing. Robert DEUTSCH, (born 1881), who, in 1947, lived in Vienna in
Wiedener Hoiptstrasse 39 (spelling might be totally different but
sounds the same), in the 4th quarter. He had married a German woman
from Berlin and thanks to her mother was saved during WWII. They had
no Children. I know he had a lot of info about his grandfather,
Ignaz DEUTSCH, including written material and photos.

Can anyone suggest who can I find more info not only about his
living relatives, but specifically about his heirs. Will they (the
heirs) be registered anywhere? Even if so, will the archives the
info in case these people still live? (no way, ah?)

Thanks for any help!
Tomer Brunner, Israel.

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