R' Shlomo Zalman MARGOLIS-GORDON #rabbinic

Budd Margolis <budd_margolis@...>

I am trying to find out information about the Karmelita, (now a
suburb of Kaunus) Rabbi Shlomo Zalman MARGOLIS-GORDON born: 1850
d: 1932

He lived in Kaunus on Shabli St. 10 He was the elder av Beit and
served as a Rabbi for 51 years.

Rabbi Mast eulogised him. >from Karmilitia, the funeral then went to
the new Beit Midrash where Rabbi Sapiro, Rabbi Rozenson and Rabbi
Manster eulogized him. The obituary stated that at the cemetery
more personalities eulogised him.

His father was Feivel MARGOLIS-GORDON and he had 4 sons and 2
daughters. I do not know his wife's name or Rabbi Shlomo Zalman
MARGOLIS-GORDON's wife's. There may have been two wives.

Please respond privately to:

Budd Margolis
London, UK

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