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I would like some information on the name REINES.
My great grandfather >from Kaminetz Litovsk was R. Yosef REINES
FANABERJA. Is REINES a title, or a link to another family?
Rabbi Isaac Jacob Reines (1839-1915) was a Lithuanian rabbi and one
of the founders of the Mizrachi movement. As a member of the Chibat
Zion movement,0 Rabbi Reines joined Rabbi Samuel Mohilever in
proposing settlement in Israel which combined Torah study with
physical labor.

Rabbi Reines's importance rests not only with the fact that he
established Mizrachi "the Religious Zionist Movement" but also in
that many of his ideas which were written in various publications,
became the cornerstone to the Mizrachi movement and have become
realities. - World Zionist Movement

As for Rabbi Yosef Reines, I have not come across that name.

Arye Gordon
Los Angeles

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