R' Yaakov Yitzhak - HaYehudi HaKadosh #rabbinic



I am new to this group and I'm hoping someone can help me with my
search. I recently learned that my family has a connection with
Rabbi Yaakov Yitzhak Rabinovich, also known as Ha Yehudi Ha Kadosh.
I did find some information on him at the JudaicaPlus website. Where
could I find more information on him and his lineage?

Thank you.
Melinda Korbman

SEARCHING: GREEN/GRIN - Bychawa, Kielczewice & Modliborzyce Poland
STERN - Bychawa, Poland
HAMMERMAN - Modliborzyce, Poland
SUSSER/SHUSSER - Lepel, Belarus
BEACHER - Krynki, Poland
KORBMAN/KORMAN -Troky, Poland / Trakai, Lithuania

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