R' BRENNER of Philadelphia #rabbinic

Marlene Bishow <mlbishow@...>

My husband's gm, Toibe Gittel (Tillie Gertrude) KULPE came to the
US around 1902-3 to the care of her uncle, Rabbi BRENNER of
Philadelphia. His name may have been Nathan Israel BRENNER. He was
to arrange a shittach for her, but as fate had it, she met Charles
SOMMERS, on her own and they were married - presumably by Rabbi

Can anyone point me to resources that would provide more information
about Rabbi BRENNER and also about how I might obtain a copy
marriage license for Tillie and Charles - married about 1905.

Marlene Bishow
Potomac, MD

KULPE, SOMMERS: Lithuania, Whales, Birmingham AL, Baltimore, MD
HANTMAN/GANTMAN: Smilovichi, Sverhen', Belarus
KATZ: Zhuravno (Galicia), Ukraine, NYC
DEUTSCHER & NUSSBAUM: Rozniatow (Galicia), Ukraine, NYC
YARMISH, PETT, GOLDSTEIN: I'vya & Wolpa, Belarus, Newtown,CT, NYC

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