Descent from R' Yosef KARO #rabbinic

Leslie Reich <lreich@...>

There have been a couple of queries in the past about descent from
the author of the Shulchan Aroch, Rabbi Yosef KARO, who died in Zfas
around 1575. Having read a couple of biographies, I was under the
impression that little is known of his descendants beyond a couple
of generations.

However, a recent magazine interview article in the Times (of
London) had Dr. (Lord) WINSTON as its subject. In the UK he well
known as a pioneer medical researcher in the field of obstetrics
and, I am told, famous for his TV appearances.

The article stated that he is, through his mother, Ruth Winston-FOX,
a descendant of Rabbi KARO, and implied that the complete
relationship was known.

If anyone is interested in taking this further, I suggest they
contact WINSTON. I do not have his address, but he is so prominent
it can be easily found.

Leslie Reich

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