Re: MILWERTZ / BODEWIN #courland #latvia

JOHN G. CAKARS <latvija@...>

The case is being made that the following people have "Latvian" given
names. However, an examination reveals this may not be the case.
According to the book "Latviesu personvardu vardnica" (Dictionary of
Latvian given names), by K. Silins, Riga <<Zinate>> 1990 states this:
Wilhelm=Vilhelms; Elisabeth=Elizabete; Jean (The author considers this
to be a French name.)=Z'anis; Virginea more commonly is spelled
Virginija; Marie=Marija; Gireth, I have no idea what this name is or
means. It is not listed in this book.

Zanis has a diacritical mark over the "Z." It is a little "v." It used
to be spelled Zhanis. According to this dictionary, Zhanis is a form of

I seriously doubt that this is an ethnic Latvian family.

john g. cakars
Albany, CA, USA

Arrived with the ship "Switzerland" >from Antwerp to New York on Apri 5,l 1882:
MILWERTZ, Wilhelm, age 42, farmer,
BODEWIN, Elisabeth, age 41, wife
MIHLWERTZ, Jean, age 11 (male)
" , Ludwig, age 10
" , Virginea, age 8
" , Marie, age 4
" , Gireth, age .01, infant (female)
I have already checked the original passengerlists which has RUSSIA as the country of origin of this family.

This means that they as socalled German-Russians must have come >from LATVIA, LITHUNIA or/and COURLAND because of the progroms of 1882.

In fact the first names do sound to me like they are Latvian (Lettland) of Kurland. This was an area of extensive German immigration by the Deutsche Ritterorden, and it would be quite easy to mix Russian, Bohemian, French, and Germans because the D.R. brought colonists >from all those places into their landholdings in Latvia and Kurland.

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