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message of 2002.10.23:

1. Leslie Reich's statements concerning references to the use of
"Ashkenazi" and his cautions concerning Avot Atarah LeBanim are well
taken. (If possible, I request a summary of the dispute involving R.
Yitzchak and the MaHaRaShaL via private e-mail).

2. The following is a summary of the Jacobi materials. I present
them for the benefit of RavSig members without commentary on their
accuracy. Individuals who would like hard copies should notify me

The family heading is Halevi A. The tree is labeled by Jacobi
"Excusus A: The protohistoric Kalonymides-descent of the paternal
grandmother of both the MaHaRSCHA and the TaS... based primarily on
No. 29 of MaHaRSCaL's Responsa, on the Sefer haRokeach by R. Eliezer
Rokeach (1160/65-1230) ...and the (partly dubious) Sefer Mizraf
le-Chochma...and secondarily on works such as N.J. HaKohen's Otzar
haGedolim ... Lipschuetz A[vot] A[tarah] L[eBanim] and Shap[iro]
A[ncient]J[ewish] F[amilies]...." Jacobi refers to his introductory
notes which contain additional sources; however, I do not have a
copy of those notes.

The line of descent follows. Please note that the generation
listings are Jacobi's and that the dates are not actual dates but
are based on an absolute dating system he had devised and can vary
greatly for any individual. Going backward >from the TaZ:

1575-1650 14. 1. David I-TaS; and 2. Schmuel-Elieser-MaHaRSCHA
1545-1620 15. 1. Schmuel I [father of TAZ] 2. Juda-Jehuda
[father of Maharsha]
16a Daughter of Abraham KALONYMIDES
m. Schlomo HALEVI A
[father of Schmuel and Juda-Jehuda listed in 15]
1515-1590 16. Abraham (b) Mosche Kalonimides
17a Mosche (b) Joseph II Kaloynimides
1480-1560 17. Joseph II (b) Leibusch Kalonymides
1455-1530 18. (Jehuda-)Leibusch (b) Schalom Kalonymides
19a Schalom (b) Joseph I Kalonymides
1425-1500 19. Joseph I (b) Gerschon Kalonymides
1395-1470 20. Gerschon (b) Jerucham Kalonymides
21a Jerucham (b) David III Kalonymides
1365-1440 21. David III (b) (Schlomo-)Salman-Duber Kalonymides
1335-1410 22. (Schlomo-)Salman I-Duber
(b) Menachem-Mednel Kalonymides
23a Menachem-Mendel (b) Joseph-Jacob Kalonymides
1305-1380 23. Joseph-Jacob (b) David II Kalonymides
1275-1350 24. David II (b) Schimschon Kalonymides
25a Schmischon (b) Abraham Kalonymides (MiSpeyer)
1245-1320 25. Abraham-haZaddik-haNisstar (b) Schimon Kalonymides
1215-1290 26. Schimon (not Schimshon)
(b) David-Baer-Berisch Kalonymides
27a David I-Baer-Berisch (b)Moshe Saltman Kalonymides
1185-1260 27. Moshe Saltman (-?Salman)
(b) Jehuda Chassid Kalonymides
1155-1230 28. Jehuda Chassid (b) Schmuel III Kalonymides
1125-1200 29. [no entry; this is space holder for dating conformity]
1155-1230 30. Schmuel III Chassid (b) Kaloymus XI Kalonymides
1065-1145 31. [space holder]
1035-1115 32. Kalonymus XI haSaken (b) Jitzchak VII Kalonymides
1005-1080 33. Jitzchak VII haSaken (b) Eliesser Kalonymides
975-1050 34. Elieser haGadol (b) Jitzchak Kalonymides
945-1020 35. Jitzchak haGadol (b)Joschua I Kalonymides (Germany)
915- 990 36. Joschua I Chassid (b) Abun I Kalonymides
895- 960 37. Abun I Chassid (b) x [unknown]Kalonymides
855- 930 38. R. x (b) Jekutiel II Kalonymides
m. daughter x (b) Joseph haSaken Simonides
825- 901 39. Rabenu Jekutiel II (b) Mosche I Kalonymides
795- 870 40. Rabenu Mosche I (b) Meschulam II Kalonymides
765- 840 41. Rabenu Meschulam II (b) Ithiel I Kalonymides
735- 810 42. Ithiel I (b) Meschulam I Kalonymides
705- 780 43. Meschulam I (b) x [unknown]Kalonymides

I have omitted siblings connections with other families.

Larry Tauber

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