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Reading all the disscussion on tradition and speculation I decided
to bring up my problem...

On a tribute to a cousin (his 70th birthday in 1960) it states him
as being proud of his noble relatives... his grandfather Mordichai
RABINOVICH (b. ca. 1845) of the Antepoler Rabbis, and his
grandmother of the Vilna EPSTEINs. The relative was Jack
FINKELSTEIN, a nephew of my great-grandmother Sara Hinde (b. 1871)

On his mother (and her sister's) *transalation* of her Tnaim
Rishonim, it mentions her father R. Mordichai Biala b. Yehushua

Looking through the Antepol Rabbis I found a Moshe Zvi RABINOVITCH,
who served as rabbi until 1862, for 44 years.

He also served as rabbi in Horodetz, at the same time as Antepol,
until in 1822 he left the Horodetz position to his 20 year old son
Yehoshua Yaakov (!!!) The names, dates and story seem to good to be
true... This Moshe Zvi is the only logical Antepoler Rabbi that can
fit in... but... I can't establish the connection.

I only know that Yehoshua Yaakov had 4 daughters and 3 sons. I only
know the name of one of the daughters. The *Yaakov* instead of
*Zanwil* also bothers me, though it could have been a mistake in
transalation. My grandfather is named Shia *Velvel*, which might be
the correct version, or a name after this Yehoshua Yaakov and a
different *Velvel*.

This Moshe Zvi is the only logical Antepoler Rabbi that can fit in.
Regarding the EPSTEIN question... I only have a first name... Dacha
Lea (b. c. 1850), and a possible maiden name: RIFKIN.

Other names that might be relevant are Yechiel and Yaakov Adafzer.
This Adafzer name is another mystery... I've never seen mention of a
similar name.

Anyway If someone has an idea, I'd be glad to hear. Would it be
unprofessional to assume Mordicahi as a son of this Yehoshua Yaakov?

Philip Rosinsky

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