Family Lore: AZULAI & MANDELBAUM #rabbinic

Deborah Taffler <taffler@...>

My family are trying to track down the origins of a genealogical
story that has been passed down through a number of generations,
and we are not sure how to start verifying it.

Appoarently, in Jerusalem, in the late 19th, a Sephardi rabbi agreed
for his daughter to be married to an Ashkenazi rabbi's son, in order
to promote calm between the two communities. However, the Sephardi
rabbi only agreed to the marriage if the young couple kept the
Sephardi name: AZULAI. (The Ashkenazi name is MANDELBAUM, possibly
Simcha MANDELBAUM - lived in the house that later sat next to the
Mandelbaum Gate). So, my Ashkenazi family ended up with a Sephardi

We would love to trace these two gentlemen and understand the family
tree beteen them and us, and between the Rav AZULAI and his ancestry
to Chaim Joseph David. (I am the grandaughter of Rabbi Baruch AZULAY,
who was, apparently, the last of a line of 31 generations of rabbis,
and I am sure this must be documented somewhere).

And we don't know where to start. So thought we'd submit this
posting and see if anyone can help.

Thank you.

Deborah Taffler

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