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Earlier today, Deborah Taffler <> wrote:

[...] the Sephardi rabbi only agreed to the marriage if the young
couple kept the Sephardi name: AZULAI. (The Ashkenazi name is
MANDELBAUM, possibly Simcha MANDELBAUM [...]
According to David Tidhar's Encyclopedia of Jewish luminaries in
Palestine, vol. 2 p. 657 (Jerusalem 1947 - in Hebrew), Baruch TOROWER,
who was descended >from R. Joel SIRKIS and traced his ancestry to
Rashi, married Faige, daughter of Hayyim Yosef David AZULAI (probably
a descendant of the HIDA) in 1878, and changed his name to AZULAI. His
brother was Simcha MANDELBAUM. His children wer Judah, Henia Berger,
Abraham, Shalom, Esther Schwartz, Isaiah (who went to the US) and
Hanna Segal

A curiosity. About 40 years ago when I was a student in Jerusalem I
rented a room on Kikar Shabbat corner of Mea Shearim >from a Yiddish
speaking Ashkenazi called Hayyim Yosef David Azulay.

Benjamin Richler

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