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ABD of Pinsk . . .

1860-1890 -- Elazar Moshe HOROWITZ -- fil of the Torah
Temimah, R. Baruch halevi EPSTEIN; fil of R. Yehudah Hayim
Born in Bobroisk, Belarus and raised in Sosnitza (near Tchernigov),
Chaim Yehuda Leib LITVIN, also known as Chaim Yehuda Leib SOSNITZER
and the SOSNITZER ILLUI, was the ABD of Brody, Ukraine and later of
Smorgon, Belarus (near Vilna), where he was also Rosh Yeshiva. His
second wife was indeed the daughter of Eliezer Moshe HOROWITZ, the
ABD of Pinsk. (His first wife, Feiga Beila bat Avraham Avlei Halevi
KARASIK died in a flu epidemic in 1884 in Brody.)

More on the SOSNITZER ILLUI can be found in R' Meir Wunder's Meorei
Galacia, pages 464 through 468. Information on his son, Shimon
LITVIN follows on pages 468 and 469.

I'm indebted to Leslie Reich of Manchester for directing me to the
above information.

If anyone has any information regarding this family, please share it
with me. I'm particularly interested in the rather cryptic mention
in R' Wunder's Meorei Galacia of two LITVIN daughters, one who "went
to Tarnov in the end of 1884" and another who married the grandson
of the ABD of Vitebsk. Any information will be appreciated.

Scott Rosenberg
Minnesota, USA

Searching (in part) LITVIN, SOSNITZER, KARASIK, GLICKMAN (Minsk and
environs, Argentina, Chile, Seattle, Minnesota, Chicago), GLECKMAN
(Minnesota and California), Yaffey (Vilna and Minnesota), Caplitz (all
spellings, Lithuania, Minnesota and Chicago).

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