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-- 1856-1866 - Shmuel Avigdor Tosefah. Among his children --
Yehoshua Arye Leib ABD Yanov, a daughter who married Mordechai Leib
and a daughter who married Noah Eliyahu hacohen of Minsk.
Hi all.

Could this Shmuel Avigdor TOSEFA be the father of my ancestor Dacha
Lea, married to *Mordechai Leib* "Biala" RABINOWITZ? Dacha Lea is
recorded on her daughter's death certificate as being a RIFKIN,
although documents like that tend to have that kind of mistake (or
maybe Shmuel Avigdor TOSEFA's descendats could have taken the name

What's the distance between Karlin and Brest? She was suposed to be
a descendant of the EPSTEIN family of Vilna, and related to Yechiel
and Yaakov ADAFZER(?).

Could this be a lead?

Philip Rosinsky

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