Re: Where are Passele and Kraslava ??? (Latvia area) #courland #latvia

Ronnie Mink

This might be hopelessly incorrect, but worth a try .
A few years ago I visited a shtetl (a very small shtettele) tucked away in
the Northwest of Lithuania, named PIKELIAI (in Lithuanian) but was known as
PIKKELE by its former Jewish inhabitants. The village is literally a
stone's-throw >from the river that forms the border between Lithuania and
If memory serves me correctly , Pikeliai is due North of the regional centre
of Mazeikiai. At the turn of the last century, most of the inhabitants of
Pikeliai were Jewish and a thriving smuggling operation existed between the
two regions of Lithuania and Latvia.
My father-in -law's family (Neiman/Neuman) came >from Pikkele/Pikeliai.
The similatity between the two names of Passelle and Pikelle, and the
geographic locality should be taken note of.

Ronnie Mink

Mink-Akmene, Lithuania
Reeb/Rib/Ryb - Vieksnia, Lithuania
Reichenberg - Warsaw
Zimnowicz - Lomza district (Radzilow, Guty, Sczuczin)
-Nathan/Neiman/Neuman-Pikeliai, Lithuania.
Greenfeld, Mullne - Kuldiga and Aizpute - Latvia

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