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I would like to pass on a little known weekly source which focuses
on rabbinic genealogy which RavSIGgers may not be aware of, the New
York Jewish Press's "Machberes" column, which is subtitled "News of
the Yeshivish and Chasidishe World." The January 3 edition, for
example, contains not only a list of about one hundred rabbis
attending the annual Agudat Israel of America convention, but
focuses on two rabbinical families which originated in Matersdorf.
It first notes a compilation of customs of the Jewish community of
Matersdorf written by Rabbi Yechiel Goldhaber, and notes that he is
the son of R. Shlomo Goldhaber, and also the son-in-law of R. Bunim
Yoel Toiseg of Jerusalem, son of R. Yisrael Toiseg (d. 1967).
R. Yisrael, it further states, was the son-in-law of R. Yosef
Pressburger (d. 1923), the son-in-law of R. Aaron Singer (d. 1868).

The column further notes that R. Moses Sofer (1762-1839), the famous
Chasam Sofer was the Rabbi of Matersdorf >from 1797-1806, and that
the Chasam Sofer's son R. Shimon Sofer (1821-1883) also served as
rabbi of the community. It states that another rabbi of the
community was the Chasam Sofer's son-in-law, Rabbi Dov Ehrenfeld
(d. 1821), whose son was R. Shmuel Ehrenfeld (1835-1878),
grandfather of R. Simcha Bunim Ehrenfeld (1859-1926), father of
R. Shmuel Ehrenfeld (1891-1980), father of R. Simcha Bunim
Ehrenfeld, who currently resides in Boro Park. Additional
biographical material is included.

This type of extensive background genealogical material is not
unusual for the column.

Larry Tauber

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