Avraham SHOR's Wife #rabbinic

Lainey Melnick <lmelnick@...>

On the SCHOR Family site that I mentioned in my last post (Re:
Meshullam Feibush HELLER's Wife)


there is mention of a person >from a line of MEISELS rabbis, ending
with R'Eliyahu of Lvov:

Avraham SHOR (b appx 1590) whose wife was the daughter of
R'Gershon B"R Avraham B"R Eliyahu (aka Eliyahu m'Lvov, aka
Eliyahu Oringal) MYZLISH. He is mentioned with honor in
the records of the small synagogue of Lvov; he died and is
buried in Lvov.

Does anyone have any other information about these rabbis and where
they fit into my MEISELS tree? The only Eliyahu that I currently
have married Yehudit WASSER-TRILLING, and is the father of Mojzesz,
the father of Eliacz Chaim (1821-1912), the grandfather of Rabbi
Eliezer Yitzchak (b 1882), the father of Mina. I also don't have any
additional information on this branch if anyone knows the pedigree
of this branch as well.

Thanks for the help,
Lainey Melnick, Austin, TX.
Family Trees: http://www.linktoaustin.com/movies/page3.html


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