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I wish to know who were the descendants of Rabbi Israel EYBESCHUETZ,
grandson of the great Rabbi Yehonatan EYBESCHUETZ (1690-1764). All
I know is that R' Israel was a rabbi in "Lichtenstein" and he died
on 26 June 1811.
I would also be very interested in answers to that.

I do have some EIBESCHÜTZ >from an article "Joel Levin Nathansons
Optegnelser om Familien Hansen m.m." (~Joel Levin Nathansons notes
about the HAUSEN Family) in "Tidsskrift for Jødisk Historie og
Litteratur" (~Journal for Jewish History and Literature) (Copenhagen,
1917-1919), edited by by Josef Fischer:

The first known EIBESCHÜTZ might be the above Rabbi Yehonatan
EYBESCHUETZ (1690-1764), so I would be extremely grateful for any
informaiton about him as well as all other EIBESCHÜTZ's (or variants
of the spellings)!

I have the following:

Jochanan EIBESCHÜTZ, Rabbi - not known where or when.
his son:
Aron EIBESCHÜTZ, born c. 1736 in Mähren, Germany, moved to
Denmark, where he first settled in Fredericia. Later after
getting permission to settle and trade 4. Jul. 1766 in
Copenhagen. Died 1812 in Copenhagen. He married Serle LEVY,
born c. 1740 (unknown where), died 1820 in Copenhagen.
Two known children:
1. Bolette EIBESCHÜTZ born 1772, died 1814,
Married Heyman Abraham LAZARUS (aka: Chaim KIK)
born 1747, died 1814
2. Simon Aron EIBESCHÜTZ b. 14. Nov. 1786,
died 25. Nov. 1856.
Counsellor to the King and mercantile agent.
Married Rose WALLICH born 23. Feb. 1796,
daughter of Chaim WALLICH and Judithe COHEN,
died 16. Mar. 1870.
No children.
In the printed genealogies:

1. "Levin Marcus Hartvigs Efterkommere. Stamtavle over slægten
Hartvig." ("Levin Marus HARTVIG's descendants." Pedigree over the
HARTVIG-family) by Michael Hartvig, Copenhagen, 1928.

2. "Simon Isak Kalkar og Hans Slægt" ("Simon Isak Kalkar and his
family") Printed as manuscript in Copenhagen 1917

- We find another EIBESCHÜTZ - judging >from his "middle name", Aron,
he is probably also son of the above Aron EIBESCHÜTZ, but the proof
is yet to be found:

Jacob Aron EIBESCHÜTZ, (birthyear and place unknown, probably
Copenhagen), merchant in Copenhagen, died 26. Sep. 1853. Married to
Hanne JACOBSEN (unknown birthplace).
One known daughter:
Esther (Emma) EIBESCHÜTZ, born 28. Feb. 1828 in Copenhagen,
died 23. Aug. 1911 in Copenhagen.
Married 29. Oct. 1854 to Simon Hirsch KALKCAR, draper,
born 8. Oct. 1820 in Copenhagen, died 10. Apr. 1878
5 known children (+ grandchildren & g-grandchildren)

Elsebeth Paikin, Copenhagen, Denmark
Coordinator & webmaster of JewishGen's SCANDINAVIA SIG

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