Appointment of Community Rabbis #rabbinic

Gilbert <gilbert.hendlisz@...>

Dear Ravsiggers,

I want to ask a question that may seem a bit naive. During the 18th
Century and the first part of the 19th Century, what was the process
of appointment of a community rabbi? I suppose that he was chosen
by the members of a community for his knowledge. Was he necessarily
a "graduate" >from a Yeshiva? And if this was the case for a few of
them, where were those yeshivas in Poland during the 18th Century?
Finally, do we have any sources about who were the students of such
yeshivas if they existed? I may have read somewhere that such a
"center" existed in Sochaczew around the middle of the 18th century.
Is this correct?

Any information would be welcome.

Gilbert Hendlisz (Brussels)

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