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I show Blima as the daughter of Shlomo Halevi [d. 1664], son of
the TaZ [1586-1667]. I note he is sometimes referred to as Shlomo
Zalman Halevy [but not Mordechai]. I would be interested in any
corrections/inputs on this segment of HAGER/TaZ.


Note: Yaacov Koppel Kamiel's mother was 'Peril', The sister of
the Tosfot Yom Tov (Yomtov Lipman HELLER, Chief Rabbi of Prague,
1579-1654]). Help: I have not been able to find the name of
Y.K.K.'s father.
Meir Wunder's Encyclopedia Meorei Galicia, vol. 4 p.420, provides
the genealogy given by Shmuel but does not mention who Blima's
father was, merely indicating she was the granddaughter of the TAZ.
I have seen sources indicating she was either R. Mordechai or R.
Shlomo's daughter. They were brothers, sons of the TAZ, killed on
the same day in anti-Jewish riots in Lemberg in 1664. E.J. Shochet,
in "The TAZ," states that she was the daughter of R. Shlomo.

Wunder also does not give the name of the husband of Peril, the
sister of Yom Tov Lipman Heller.

Larry Tauber

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