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Where is your grandmother from? I found in Meorei Galizia the
following: Yakov Yitzchak b. Yosef Yehoshua (son in law of A.D.) who
married Sara bat Yosef Yoske GUTTESMAN s.i.l. of R. Meir of Przeymsyl.
The text is unclear but one of them is a grandson of Meshulam Feivush
HELLER of Zbariz (not Zborow?).
Thank you Philip Rosinsky for your input. Israel Pickholtz had
brought to my attention the WAHRMAN website at which is the pedigree of
R' Yaakov Yitzchok WAHRMAN. My grandmother is indeed a descendant of
R' Meshullem Feivish HELLER, the Yosher Divrei Emes of Zbarazh and
of his grandson, R' Meshullem Feivish HELLER, the Sfas Emes ABD
Brodzhin. But I'm not sure if that Meshullem Feivish is the same as
mentioned on the chart. Would anybody know?

Malkie Griffel

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