Re: The Kalonymus Family #rabbinic

Chaim freedman

On 2003.09.22, under the subject title "Facts and Legend," Neil
Rosenstein <> wrote (in part):

. . . Even the famous epitaph of
Meshullam b. Kalonymus, who died 1171 in Mainz, does *not* have
HaLevi on it - why? . . .
That same day, Scott Rosenberg <> responded:

Why? Probably for the same reason many Levi'im >aren't noted as such
on their tombstones. Levitical membership has no >serious religious
import today.
The key word which contradicts Scott's claim is "today." Even if
his claim that there is no significance today were true (quite
incorrect, at least on Orthodox tombstones) it has no relevance to
the period of the Kalonymides or any other medieval families whose
tombstones certainly bore the title "HaLevy" if it was justified.

Chaim Freedman
Petah Tikvah, Israel

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