Re: The Kalonymus Family #rabbinic


On 2003.09.24, Larry Tauber <> writes:

Even if the Kalonymides were not Leviim, this would not necessarily
mean they could not be ancestors of the MaHaRSHa (who was a Levi)
and his relative the TaZ (also a Levi), at least according to Paul
Jacobi who in his researches stated that their descent >from the
Kalonymide family was through a maternal line.
Indeed, a major point. Given the admissibility of maternal descent
and the original tiny population of Ashkenazim and the many
generations of their successors (ken yirbu!), every one of us can
plausibly claim descent >from our original "Mayblumen" and their
illustrious rabbanim.

For someone today to claim descent >from Rashi or King David, is not
a proof of their ancestral scholarship or regality, but of their
indefatigable devotion to ancestral research, and to their unabashed

Michael Bernet, New York
Descendant of Hanniba`al, Yehuda haNasi and Noach

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