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On 2003.09.24, Larry Tauber <> wrote:

Even if the Kalonymides were not Leviim, this would not necessarily
mean they could not be ancestors of the MaHaRSHa (who was a Levi)
and his relative the TaZ (also a Levi), at least according to Paul
Jacobi who in his researches stated that their descent >from the
Kalonymide family was through a maternal line.
Greetings to Larry.

In order to further confirm what Paul Jacoby z"l wrote (Revised
edition October 1988) about the descent of the Kalonymides through
a maternal line, I am quoting the following: Under the title
"Tradition of descent >from the Kalonymedes family"

"Further evidence will be required for holding as "historically
established" (inverted commas in the original) the (Caro) family
tradition, that the wife of its said (protohistoric) ancestor
R' Joseph II Kara b. Shimon I - Kara was Daughter b. R' Kalonymus
haSaken Kalonymides and that, consequently, through her the Karas
could claim descent >from Aschkenasi Jewry's founding family, the
KALONYMIDES, >from whom also RASCHI's mother descended ......
unfortunately, the present writer was unsuccessful in his search
after evidence of R. Joseph II - Kara having indeed been the a
"son-in-law" (inverted commas in the original) of R. Kalonymus
ha-Saken, though he is well documented as "disciple" (inverted
commas in the original) of another Kalonymides; i.e., of
R. Kalonymus X b. Shabtai mi Roma (1030-1096)"

Shalom and Shana Tova
Chava Agmon,
Caro Family Research
Tel Aviv, Israel

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