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Dear RavSiggers:

Here again to promote discussion and chaos, recent entries >from the
Jewish Press' Machberes columns:

from Nov. 21, 2003:
1. Mention is made of R. Menachem Mendel HAGER (son-in-law of R. Chai
Yitzchok TWERSKY), son of R. Mordechai HAGER, Vishnitzer Rebbe in

2. Mention is made of R. Yitzchok Isaac HOROWITZ, son of R. Shmuel
Zvi "Hershele Spinka" HOROWITZ (1921-1997) [son-in-law of R. Yitzchak
Isaac WEISS (1875-1944)], son of R. Avrohom Abish HOROWITZ

3. Engagement: The daughter of R. Chaim Yehuda SAKS to Moshe Noah
TANNENBAUM, son of R. Yaakov Menachem TANNENBAUM, son of R. Shlomo
Dov TANNENBAUM (1918-1991), son of R. Moshe TANNENBAUM (1886-1944),
son of R. Menachem Mendel TANNENBAUM (1849-1944) and nephew and
son-in-law of R. Menachem Mendel's brother, R. Meir TANNENBAUM
(1854-1928). The two brothers were the sons of R. Yaakov TANNENBAUM
(1832-1896). R. Menachem Mendel was in turn the nephew and son-in-
law of his father's brother, R. Shraga Zvi TANNENBAUM. R. Yaakov and
R. Shraga Zvi were the sons of R. Zev Wolf TANNENBAUM (1787-1872).

from Nov. 28, 2003:
1. The genealogy of the Gerer Rebbe is discussed: Rabbi Aryeh Yaakov
ALTER, current Gerer Rebbe, succeeded his uncle, R. Pinchas Menachem
ALTER (1926-1996), who succeeded his brother, the father of the
current Gerer Rebbe, R. Simcha Bunim ALTER (1898-1992), who succeeded
R. Yisroel ALTER (1895-1977), son of R. Avrohom Mordechai ALTER
(1866-1948), son of R. Yehuda Aryeh Leib ALTER (1847-1905), son of
R. Avrohom Mordechai (d.1855), son of R. Yitzchak Meir ALTER

2. The genealogy of the Belzer Rebbe in Jerusalem is discussed:
R. Aaron Mordechai ROKEACH, son of the Belzer Rebbe R. Yesochor Dov
ROKEACH (married the daughter of R. Moshe Yehoshua HAGER), son of
R. Mordechai ROKEACH (1902-1949), brother of R. Aaron ROKEACH
(1880-1957), late Belzer Rebbe, the sons of R. Yesochur Dov ROKEACH
(1854-1926), son of R. Yehoshua ROKEACH (1825-1894), son of
R. Sholom ROKEACH (1783-1855).

3. The genealogy of the Zidchover Rebbe in Bnei Brak is discussed:
R. Chaim Yechiel Aaron Mayer SHNEIBALG (whose sister married
R. Shmuel Yaakov COHEN, and an in-law [presumably son-in-law, but
unclear >from the column] of R. Chaim Aryeh Leizer), son of R. Yeshaya
SHNEIBALG (1920-2002), son-in-law of R. Sholom EICHENSTEIN

4. The son of R. Leibush EICHENSTEIN (son-in-law of R. Yesochor
Berish RUBIN), son of R. Yitzchok Isaac EICHENSTEIN, became engaged
to the daughter of R. Chaim Yaakov RUBIN (son-in-law of R. Zvi Hirsch
HOROWITZ), son of R. Sholom Yechezkiel RUBIN-HALBERSTAM (1913-1986),
son of R. Aryeh Leib RUBIN (1881-1942).

from Dec. 5, 2003:
1. Chaim Mayer TWERSKY, son of R. Aaron Menachem Mendel TWERSKY
(son-in-law of R. Mordechai HAGER), son of R. Dovid TWERSKY
(son-in-law of R. Moshe Yehoshua HAGER) to marry Roiza Bluma RUBIN,
daughter of R. Aryeh Leibish Yitzchok RUBIN, son of R. Chaim Simcha
Yesochor Ber RUBIN. (If you want to attend, there are buses.)

2. Munkatcher Chassidic Dynasty: R. Chaim Elazar SHAPIRO (1872-1937),
son of R. Zvi Hirsch SHAPIRO (1850-1913), son of R. Shlomo SHAPIRO
(1832-11893). Also mentioned, the current Rebbe, R. Moshe Leib
RABINOWITZ, and his ancestor R. Moshe Leib SHAPIRO (1850-1906).

3. Another TANNENBAUM marriage: Miriam Channah ILIOWITZ, daughter of
R. Raphael Moshe Chaim ILIOWITZ and granddaughter of the Shamshoner
Rav, to marry Mordechai TANNENBAUM, son of R. Moshe TANNENBAUM
[son-in-law of R. Asher Yeshaya ROTTENBERG, son of R. Moshe Shmuel
ROTTENBERG (1894-1974), son of R. Chaim Shlomo ROTTENBERG (1871-
1920), son of R. Yehosef ROTTENBERG (1853-1911)], son of R. Sholom
Dov TANNENBAUM (1918-1991) [balance of genealogy listed above]

Bonus >from Tovia Preshel's Profile Column: Author Yehoshua EIBESHITZ
(married Anna EILENBERG), is a great-grandson of R. Hayyim Eleazer WAKS,
son-in-law of R. Israel Joshua TRUNK. R. TRUNK's son was R. Moshe
Pincheas who had a son R. Isaac Judah. R. Hayim Eleazer ALTER of
Jerusalem is also mentioned as a descendent of R. Hayyim Eleazer WAKS.

Larry Tauber

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