The Tauber Report - December 22, 2003 #rabbinic

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Dear RavSiggers:

Catching up on recent apppearances of the Machberes column and other
items of interest:

Supplementing the December 3 Report, the following items of interest
also appeared in the December 5 issue of the Jewish Press:

A news article elaborates on the ancestry of R. Chaim Yechiel Mayer
SHNEIBALG, Zidchover Rebbe in Bnei Brak, mentioned in the December
3, 2003 report. He was the son of R. Yeshaya SHNEILBALG
(1920-2002), son-in-law of R. Sholom EICHENSTEIN (1901-1987), son of
R. Usher Yeshaya EICHENSTEIN, son of R. Yeoschor Berish (1848-1924),
son of R. Alexander Sender Yom Tov (1805-1873), son of R.Yeoschor
Berish (d.1832), son of R. Yitzchok Isaac EICHENSTEIN (1740-1800).

The column, "Po-lin" mentions several members of the TEOMIM family:
Rabbi Ephraim TEOMIN and his son R. Yaacov TEOMIM (1833-1908), both
of whom served as Rabbi of Wielkie Oczy, R. Moshe TEOMIM of Delatyn,
and his son, R. Naftali Herz TEOMIM (1851-1943), Rabbi of Vilkutch,
who was succeeded by his son, R. Yona Teomim (1870-1943). This
column appears regularly and focuses on a different town in Poland.
I generally do not comment on it because it is available on line.

The December 12, 2003 Machberes column mentions:

Rabbi Moshe Aaron REICH, the son-in-law of Rabbi Yaakov Leizer
(1906-1998), the son-in-law of R. Moshe Yitzchak GEWIRTZMAN
(1882-1976), great-grandson of R. Elimelech WEISSBLUM (1717-1787).

R. Sholom WEISS (son-in-law of R. Yosef Chaim LEITNER, son of
R. Chanina Avrohom LEITNER, the son R. Chaim Elazar WEISS) is a
descendent of R. Yechiel Mecchel ABARBUCH (1785-1857), son of R.
Menachem Mendel (d. 1814), older brother of R. Elimelech WEISSBLUM.

R. Avrohom Yehoshua HESCHEL, son of R. Moshe Mordechai HESCHEL
(1927-1975), son of R. Avrohom Yehoshua HESCHEL (1888-1967), son of
R. Yitzchok Meir HESCHEL (1861-1935).

The December 19, 2003 Machberes column mentions:

R. Yedidya Elazar TAUB (1886-1947) son of R. Yisroel TAUB

R. Shraga Feivish HAGER (son-in-law of R. Chaim ROSNER, son of
R. Shmuel ROSNER), great-grandson of R. Boruch HAGER (1845-1892),
son of R. Moshe HAGER (1860-1925).

Larry Tauber

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