Research and Frustration #rabbinic


I am presently working on a genealogy of the LORBERBAUM family.
R' Yakov LORBERBAUM the father of this family died about 170 years
ago. This genealogy has a two fold aim,

1. To list all the ancestors of the LORBERBAUM family.
2. To list all of Rabbi Yakov LORBERBAUM's descendants.

Objective number 2 is beset with problems that any genealogist
determined to trace his family's roots encounters, and I am fine with
that. However, with regards to objective no. 1, I have encountered
problems of an entirely different nature, that just leave me very

R' Yakov LORBERBAUM was desendant >from a very prominent rabbinical
lineage. There are literally thousands of sources available for
research. However the problem is that the majority of these sources
are not rigorous to any degree whatsoever, frequently conflict with
each other and are frequently just plain wrong.

I am researching the following families: HOROWITZ, THEOMIM, ASHKENAZY,
MIRELS-HELLER, LIFSHITZ, MARGOLIS amongst others. Given the importance
of these families and their numerous desecendants one would think it
would be easy to locate rigorous meticulously documented
genealogies... Dream on.... There is not a single comprehensive
genealogy of any of these families. Talking with various members of
these families who are indeed researching their genealogy, reveals
that none of these members are even thinking of forming an accurate

This leaves me with the laborious task of checking and rechecking
statements, trying to track down elusive sources, faulty citations,
and correcting misunderstandings.

What I am asking for is as follows, Can anyone recommend a superbly
researched work with full references on any of the above families, or
any rabbinical family for that matter. I am referring to material of
the caliber published by Rabbi Shlomo Englard and the like. The
majority of genealogies today do not contain any referencing
whatsoever. Alternatively, would anybody like to get together and
pool all available resources and thereby form something greater than
any of our individual efforts. I have the beginnings of an idea for
creating a rabbinical data base but would need a great deal of effort
to get it off the ground.

All the best,

Yehuda Herskowitz

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