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My great great uncle, Chaim Dov KANTOR, of the Moshav Meir Shfeya
in Israel, born in Pinsk (or Karlin), writes in his diary of a
rabbinical figure in his family (probably during the first half
of the 19th cent. in Pinsk or Karlin) named Mordechai (RUDINER
or RUZINER), possibly being an AB"D there.
I am very interested because this rabbi or his father could be the
one I heard of in my family.

My grand mother was born in Pinsk-Karlin about 1877. She was the
daughter of Mosche (son of Peisach) VISSOTSKY (1836-1917) who
married Dobruska BREGMAN and then her sister Leie. whose first
husband was a Moshe "der Radivine"(?) JASELMAN probably a famous
rabbi or son of a rabbi there, because the descendants are very
proud of him. But the former generation disappeared, nobody wrote
anything and we cannot know more. Moshe probably died before 1883.
I know only one son, Morduck (Mordechai) JASELMAN, my cousins'
ancestor (1859 Pinsk - 1949 Paris-Sartrouville).

Micheline Gutmann, Paris, France

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