Rabbi Shlomo HACHAEN #rabbinic

David Guston <dahagu@...>

Hi. I'm new to the list. I'm attempting to find information about
an ancestor about whom I have only sketchy and not necessarily
completely reliable information.

My family has an oral tradition of one Rabbi Shlomo HACHAEN, known
as the Zadick of Paris. He allegedly was the great great
grandfather of my paternal grandmother Sylvia KOPELL GUSTON.

Rabbi HACHAEN had a wife, Perl and (at least) a daughter Chana, who
was married to Pinchus SHERMAN (thus founding the SHERMAN line of my
ancestry, which was Sylvia's maternal heritage) and was then widowed
and later married Moshe Korzec.

I've done some research in Paris, hampered by my lack of Hebrew and
French and little information about Rabbi HACHAEN. But I did come
across one of the few French rabbis of the 19th C. with the name of
Salomon, the Rabbi Salomon ULMANN, who was grand rabbi of the
central consistoire in Paris in the mid-19th C. But I could find no
information on Rabbi ULMANN to connect him, or to exclude him from
connection, to HACHAEN.

I would appreciate any assistance in this matter at all.


Dave Guston
New Brunswick, NJ

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