From Karlin through Kobrin to Shklov #rabbinic

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Dear all.

My ancestor Chaim Chaikel was born in Karlin to Shmuel.

Chaim was a student of the GR"E (The Gaon of Vilna), but left him
around 1770, became a disciple of Dov Ber (The Magid of Mazeritch)
and then became a Hassidic Admo"r (rabbi and leader) in Amdur

I found out that one of his three daughters married Moshe, the
brother of Aaron "The Great" (1736 - 1772) who established the
Karlin Hassidism. That Moshe may have live once in Kobrin, and I
think that the daughter of Chaikel was his second wife. Moshe and
his second wife went to Shklov, where he had his children which were
later called CHAIKIN, after their grandfather Chaikel.

I think that Moshe left to Tiberias in 1778, with his son Chaim from
the first wife.

Any clue would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
Udi Cain, Israel.

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