Tosfot Yom-Tov and HaLevi FRAENKEL #rabbinic

Dear RavSigers

In the book "Forgotten Fragments" (Genealogy of the Levitic Fraenkel
family, Muenchen, 1999) by the two Danish authors Louis and Henry
Fraenkel, the following genealogical relation is described:

Yom-Tov Lipman HELLER (Tosfot Yom-Tov) b.1579, d.1654
His son Judah LIEBERMAN d.1631
His son Simon SIEMELS d.1632
His daughter, Vittoria (d.1640) married Yaakov Koppel HaLevi
FRAENKEL (d.1670, the richest Jew in the Vienna Ghetto). Vittoria
died in 1640 after giving birth to two daughters.

Chronologically it is impossible that Vittoria was the great grand
daughter of Tosfot Yom-Tov.

Does anybody of you have additional information as to a possible
relation between Tosfot Yom-Tov and Vittoria, the wife of Yaakov
Koppel HaLevi FRAENKEL?

Isak Gath
Haifa, Israel

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