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Our interlocutor [...] does not let us now that what he has got.
Is he asking for leads for the connection between the Shenos Chaim
and the TaZ & ReMo? Which edition does he possess (see later)?
As to the work Shenos Chaim [...] this was originally published
in Lemberg (today Lviv) in 1871. If this is the edition seen, may
I suggest he gets hold of a later edition published in Jerusalem
in 1985.
There is a most curious story told about this last opus. The Chida
(18th Cent.) in his Shem Hagdolim states that there exists a belief
or tradition that anybody who publishes a commentary on Rabbenu
Yerucham is destined for an early grave. It may be noted that the
author of the Shenos Chaim died aged 47!
I wrote the following message to be sent to this list on Friday

Sorry for sending the message in an unclear way, but I will try to
clear things up right now: I am asking about the connection between
the Shenos Chaim and the RaMa and Taz, is there one? Can there be
a pedigree chart wirtten to prove it? I have the 1985 edition which
was once printed by Mechon Yerushalayim and has been out of print
for a few years already (the sefer is on their website, but with no
price listed), if you have it, I would love to get my hands on a
copy of the 1871 edition or even an original. I am supposedly a
descendant of this Rav, but I don't exactly know how (My name is
Reuven Chaim, my father is Mordechai Meir, his father is Reuven
Chaim, his father was Mordechai and he was a descendant). I was
wondering if you can also get my information on his current
relatives and who they are (contact information is possible?) And I
would like to know more about the "curse" on Rabbenu Yerucham's
Toldos Adom V'Chava. --Yasher Koach for you help and have a good

Then after Shabbos I have this to say: I didn't think that I had
this sefer "Shem HaGedolim," but cleaning through my seforim for
Pesach, I came across that sefer in a three volume set which used to
belong to my grandfather A"H. I looked up "Rabbenu Yerucham" and it
had almost precisely the information which you said to me. Then in
the last volume of the book, there was a mini-sefer inside it called
the "Ashel (Ha)Gedolim" and it was signed (probably by the writer)
in illegible Hebrew or Yiddish. I looked up "Rabbenu Yerucham" in
that sefer and it talks about this curse and it says that the Shenos
Chaim evaded the curse and then it proceeds to say that the writer
of this work (Ashel (Ha) Gedolim)'s wife is the grand-daughter of
the writer of the Shenos Chaim. Can someone help me fill in the
names and all the other blank spots that I have? Thank you to
whoever does so in advance. Have a Chag Kosher V'Sameach.

R.C. Klein

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