Re: Rabbi Matisyahu Treves #rabbinic


All right, here's my two cents.

I can't add much to this but one thing I do know is that the MaHaRaM
Padua was born in 1482, and his grandfather R. Yechiel Luria was
born 1430. Furthermore according to my information (don't know the
source sorry), Miriam Spira was born in 1403, and R. Aharon Luria
was born in 1413. Going up in the generations, R. Shimshon Luria
must have been born at the latest around 1350, and this is what my
information states.

Working down >from R' Matityahu Treves who was born in 1325, Miriam
Spira couldn't have been born before 1385. It would seem highly
unlikely that she could have married R. Shimshon Luria, rather she
must have married R. Aharon Luria.

My information states that R. Yehuda Sir Leon was either R. Yosef
Treves the Great's grandfather or his great-grandfather. Of course
the Treves family lineage is known up to Rashi through the RiBaM.

Incidentally can anyone clarify the Sir Leon connection? And is
this Luria family connected with the Ari z"l at all? I have never
been able to find any information regarding his yichus.

Jonathan Cohen

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