EPSTEIN & RABINOVITCH [was: Rabbi Matisyahu Treves] #rabbinic


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Secondly, the above mentioned book also includes the EPSTEIN family
genealogy (yes - numerous trees also included) and thus the
genelaogy of Samuel Avigdor Tosefa.

Why we keep trying to reinvent the wheel beats me.
Hi all

I have just established a connection to a Rabbi Yehoshua Yaakov
RABINOWITZ of Horodetz and Antopol (1803-1903). I was wondering if
anybody knows of a connection between RABINOWITZ and Shmuel Avigdor
TOSEFA. R. Y.Y. RABINOWITZ's son was Mordechai Leib RABINOVITCH. He
was (by family legend) married to a descendant of the "Vilna"

The family lived the area of Kobryn and Pruzhany, marrying into
other local rabbi's families. R. Y.Y. RABINOWITZ's brother
published many books in German and French, his name was Dr. Israel
Michel RABBINOWITZ (1818-1893, he moved to Breslau at around 1850
then to Paris). He was also one of the first "Maskilim" in the
Grodno/Brest are (where he was an "Ilui").

Regarding Mr. Rosenstein's comment... I am now writing >from the
National Library in Jerusalem - your book does not appear in the
database (on order) - so I guess that's why people still need to
discuss these issues.

Philip Rosinsky

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