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In response to Jonathan Cohen's dating in his post of 2004.06.08,
listed below are my datings.

Genealogical date listings get awfully mixed up making you wonder.
Sometimes they do. My greatgrandmother Hinda Renki Arak was born in
the 1870's and her brother the famous Rav Meir Arak in 1855. If
Rabbi Aharon Luria's date of birth was 1413, and if as I read he
died in 1456 the same year as the Encyclopedia Judaica says he
attended a famous rabbinical conference he died in his 40's. So him
having died a relatively young man can then make it reasonable if
necessary to adjust his lifespan to still be a shorter span. If his
wife Miriam Spira was born in 1403,? and Rabbi Aharon Luria in 1413?
You would think it would more likely be the other way around if a
choice would have to be made. Since women would more likely be
married while there was more likelihood of them having children.

If you have 25 years to a generation and have Rabbi Matisyahu Treves
born as he is said to have been about the year 1325 and make it
exactly 1325 we run into trouble. First if Rabbi Matisyahu Treves'
daughter married Rabbi Shmuel Spira at least, you land up with Rabbi
Matisyahu Treves born in 1325, his daughter in 1350 and her son
Rabbi Shlomo Spira in 1375 who in turn has Miriam Spira in 1400 you
only have adjusting a little forward for her but it requires half a
generation adjustment if we have her being born in 1413 together
with her husband Rabbi Aharon Luria to match their ages.

1430 as the year for Rabbi Yechiel Luria's birth makes his lifespan
short if what I read is true that he died in 1470. If we are to
wonder about the accuracy, it's to be wondered whether early death
really struck these people or squashed dating on charts and I've
seen some datings that are unbelievable in the extreme on charts.

If you advance the year in which Rabbi Matisyahu Treves was born
backward 25 years and have 20 years to a generation you land up with
the Maharam Mi Padua born in 1480 according to my long version. The
point is the dates you gave don't prove your case or our's. I don't
receive Avotaynu but look forward, to reading "The Lurie Legacy,"
now that I know of it's existence.

Yisrael Asper

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