Shtetl website for Ludza, Latvia #rabbinic

Chaim freedman

Prior to the opening of the 24th International Conference on Jewish
Genealogy, which is to take place in Jerusalem July 4th to 9th, a new
Shtetl site is announced.

A new Shtetl site is being developed for the town of Ludza, Latvia.
Formerly known as Lutzin, the town had the reputation for its strong
Jewish culture and Talmudic scholarship. It was referred to as "the
Jerusalem of Latvia".

The site has been developed by several people who have roots in Ludza:
Robert Heyman
Paul Cheifitz
Zeeva Levy
Chaim Freedman
Elizabeth Reinhardt

It is at a preliminary stage and information will be added

Currently there is a brief history of the community, photographs,
Prenumeranten lists, Holocaust list, Ellis Island arrivals. Soon to be
added is a database with photographs of about 250 tombstones >from the

Many families living in other parts of Eastern Europe originated in
Ludza, particular those who settled in the Jewish Agricultural
colonies in the Ukraine (see

It is hoped that the site will be housed eventually on LatviaSIG or
Shtetlinks. The current URL is

People who have roots in Ludza are invited to contact the webmaster
Robert Heyman at or

Chaim Freedman
Petah Tikvah, Israel

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