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I am looking for any information concerning Rabbi Solomon GORDON
and/or his descendants.

Rabbi Solomon GORDON was A.B.D. (Chief Rabbi and the Head of the
Rabbinical Court of) Drushkieniki (today Druskininkai), Lithuania,
and Yelenovo, Belarus(?). He may have attended the Telsiai Yehiva.
His father-in-law was Smuel Naftali Hirsh EPSHTEYN (LEVIN-EPSTEIN)
If *any* of this sounds familiar, particularly the GORDON family
This Rabbi GORDON has a brief listing in the Hebrew biographical
dictionary "Oheley Shem" of living Rabbonim, which was published in
Pinsk in 1912. (It even gives postal addresses). No details of
descent are given. It does say that he was born in 1850 and that the
family was related to that of the author of Eshel Avrohom (a
commentary on Shulchan Aroch). It mentions the Rabbis >from whom he
received Semicha.

Leslie Reich

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